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*Official Prelaunch - Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 11 AM CST - Join Free build your team, Now

Shall we Dance, Again? We're redoing the Tango for 2014 !!

Comments from our original 2011 launch and current pre-launch satisfied members below.
We've purged the database & are giving everyone an opportunity to be FIRST in a proven program.

I was fortunate enough to get in on this during the testing phase and with just a very few members I have already been paid.

I love the "Tango" concept and actually danced at the pump on my last fill up - what Fun!! But, that was $75 . .ouch. Here's the best part . .

All, paid for with I've made and cashed out over $300 in less than two days and my "Adz" have produced 98 leads and 7 sales of $49.95 (all during a test run mind you). I can't wait til this thing goes full blown!

Update: $688.35 and counting . .

I love GasAdz. - Susanne Forte

Its amazing.......Great Earnings

- Naga Karthik Kuriseti

How fast did I make money?

Very FAST!!

..and I have been paid into my Alertpay account already!!

- Michael Alexander


I have made money and been paid already!!

- Leone Alexander

Receive my 1st payment:

Payment Details
Date: June 15, 2011 8:41:32 AM
Amount Sent: $104.10 USD
Sender Name: Gas Adz
Sender Email:
Reference Number: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxx60
Message: Payment


- Syahrill Rizall Abu Hassan

Wow, what a blastoff!!!

It's eXploding!!

Am in with 15 positions from AP and another 5 positions from cash balance!

Update: $321.15 and counting . .


I put in 2 positions at launch and already making MONEY!!

It is time to do the Tango dance!!!

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Thanks in advance, - Tim W. Swartz/timmy206

The comp plan is revolutionary and will change other companies comp plan in the future. Make money with this now! It's a no brainer!!

- David Alexander


If this the way it is I know I am at the right place at the right time.

I wanted to try it out first so bought only one position, then went to post my ads, by the time I finished posting I had already earned $8.40 .. $43.50 earned already and counting. .

- David Regalado, tfree

I started with only 5 shares and kept rolling it over every chance I get.

Now I am making more money every time I log in. Soon I'll double what I have now.

There is no easier way to make money or better place to advertise. All the members are networkers or pushing their own biz opp and they are open to everything I love to advertise.

Update: $943.20 and counting . .

*****Five Star Rating! ;-)

- David Sherman

I'm simply speechless! You guys have really done an amazing job with GasAdz.

The comp plan is simply amazing! The 100% Matching Bonus and Rollup Bonus' OMG!

Update: $1419.30 and counting . .

The DGNS Team

Gas adz shot off like a Mach 3 warcraft.

In the time it took AP to countdown to take me back to my account after paying I had already earned $4.5... in less than 12 minutes I was up $29... In less than 30 minutes my GasAdz and Text Adz had received over 200 hits.

This is surely a game changer.


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